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Fitness & Social Club

A fitness and social experience for all. Our focus is to foster a community of health-minded individuals who are dedicated to personal growth, learning from one another, and unleashing their inner athletes.

Class Schedule

Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!


On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.



A unique blend of functional strength and conditioning focused on longevity.    

Our focus is to foster a community of health-minded individuals who are dedicated to personal growth, learning from one another, & unleashing their inner athlete.


Build strength, improve endurance, develop skills, and have fun in a social environment.
All classes are open level and designed for everyone and anyone who wants to live a healthier stronger life.  


Prefer to be in a smaller setting?
Inquire about our semi-private training which is 2-4 people per hour session.



At The LAB, we are more than a workout.  We are here to change the landscape of fitness, offering a place where people can thrive.   Our ethos revolves around the holistic elevation of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Through our signature LAB Method training, we go beyond mere physical workouts, integrating education on vital wellness topics. We believe in empowering our community by enriching minds, fostering physical health, and creating an environment where the individual becomes part of a greater collective striving for excellence.

Dedicated to innovation and individuality, we offer a multifaceted approach to fitness. Our group fitness sessions, expertly curated and led by elite trainers, form the core of The LAB experience. Simultaneously, we understand the power of personalized attention, which is why we provide private training and semi-private training opportunities. Here, the focus isn't just on sculpting bodies; it's on sculpting resilient, long-lasting wellness habits that go beyond the gym and become integral parts of our members' lives.

The LAB is a sanctuary for those seeking a supportive community and a sense of belonging. By encouraging personal growth and fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie, we create a space where individuals not only achieve their fitness goals but also find the inspiration and motivation to surpass them. Join The LAB and elevate your mind, body, spirit.

xo Sarah & Natalie

Sarah and Natalie have been my fitness angels. They not only guided me to safely regain strength and muscle but also instilled the courage and confidence I needed to transform my wellness journey. They’ve built such a fun and engaging community and I'm happy to be part of it.  


Sarah & Natalie guided me to regain my strength in a fun dynamic way. The whole setup of class and the breakdown of movements is great for all levels. The coaching is next level & workouts are killer .  
The LAB Method is the BEST community.


The LAB Method is a perfect fit for me! It is amazing at supporting and inspiring me. Sarah and Natalie have provided a fun yet challenging program that works for wherever you are on your fitness journey. I love the community at The LAB.


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Join the LAB and elevate mind, body, spirit